Method Statements

At PERSES we assist contractors in preparation of task specific method statements for their site work, with level of details as required by the nature and type of the construction work and taking into account the specific site information.

Method statements form an essential part of health and safety arrangements for every construction project regardless of the size and nature of the site work involved.

Method Statements

Generic and inadequate method statements are growingly not accepted on sites by Clients and Principal Contractors.

Where required we also provide training to your staff in carrying out task specific method statements.

Method statements provide a clearly defined execution of a particular process or activity and are written in conjunction with health and safety plans and risk assessments, to ensure work is carried out in the safest and most risk free manner possible. By planning the activity or process before actually commencing it, it allows the opportunity to walk through the various stages or milestones, and therefore forecast or anticipate where likely issues or risks may appear. Suitable mitigation measures can then be sought, or in certain circumstances and where the method permits, alternative ways of working introduced.


Our clients find that using our consultants to produce method statements offers an objective perspective and avoids the risks posed by repetitive or habitual behaviour. Over the years our method statements have removed bridges, dismantled tower blocks, felled cranes, moved explosives and been instrumental in major commercial developments around the UK. We offer bespoke method statements with an additional option of 3D modelling/visualisation in the document.Due to the nature of the industry we specialise in, the way work is carried could potentially change in a single day. We make sure that you have all the support you need by being available 24/7.

PERSES have established a solid reputation as a reliable and effective consultancy with regards to health and safety through satisfying some of the biggest names in the industry. Training and advising at the highest levels has earned PERSES respect from its clientele and the continual delivery of practical solutions has consistently shown that PERSES are the company to call for all your demolition consultancy requirements. Disclaimer: These Plan of Work documents are for demonstration/education purposes only, the content should only be used as a guide to form a task specific version plan of works as with all method statements.

Disclaimer: The Plan of Work documents below are for demonstration/educational purposes only, the content should only be used as a guide to form a task specific version plan of works as with all method statements.

Please click here to take a look at one of our bespoke method statements that we provided for one of our clients.

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