CoSHH Assessment

Employers have a legal obligation to Control the use of substances that could be hazardous to the health of their employees as outlined in the COSHH Regulations 2002. It is for this reason that PERSES offer a full CoSHH assessment service to identify the hazards present and control measures necessary to manage the use of hazardous substances safely.

PERSES CoSHH assessments are highly detailed, showing all the required information in a format that is easy to understand.

CoSHH Assessments

The assessments give information on the substance, its immediate dangers and it's long –term health effects. Further to this they show information on the fire risks and the correct type of fire controls to use. So that the assessments are task-specific they come in two parts.

The first is to define the overall dangers of the substance, the second is to show the hazards involved when using the substance in a particular task.This requires a new assessment to be done on each activity the substance is used in, so that essential risks are considered and effective control measures can be implemented in each case.

PERSES have established a solid reputation as a reliable and effective consultancy with regards to health and safety through satisfying some of the biggest names in the industry. Training and advising at the highest levels has earned PERSES respect from its clientele and the continual delivery of practical solutions has consistently shown that PERSES are the company to call for all your demolition consultancy requirements. Disclaimer: These Plan of Work documents are for demonstration/education purposes only, the content should only be used as a guide to form a task specific version plan of works as with all method statements.

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