March 13, 2021

Advisory Paper: CDM 2015 Regulations

Stephen McCann

One of the most important developments in the network of regulations that embrace and support the construction industry took place in April 2015 when the CDM 2007 Regulations were replaced by the CDM2015 Regulations after a thorough and detailed review. Much of the spirit of the old regulations was maintained but there were two significant changes; the first is a clearly identifiable delineation of authority and responsibility for Health and Safety. The role of Principal Designer was pushed up front to support a strategy of shared responsibility among The Client, The Principal Contractor and The Principal Designer. This was a significant move that did far more than replace the role of CDM Coordinator, it tied the role of Principal Designer into the core of construction design and management duties. The second most significant change is less tangible and less defined but crucially important, and that is the encouragement of open dialogue between these key players and among the associated layers of Designers, Managers and Contractors.

This document provides an interpretation and understanding of the Construction (Design and Management)Regulations 2015 [CDM2015]. Extracts from the regulations will be used here as a reference, and although all the Parts and Sections of the regulations will be cerebrated here, the full text of the CDM2015 is not reproduced. A copy can be downloaded from the HSE or from the PERSES website. PERSES clients have year-round access to advice and consultation on all aspects of CDM2015.

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