Hendon Gas Holder Decommissioning
Location Icon Commercial Road, Hendon, Sunderland, SR28QR
  • Client
    Northern Gas Networks (NGN)
  • Date
  • Role
    Demolition Consultant
  • Team
    Stephen McCann – Mick Daynes – Yazan Osaily – Shaun Stephenson.
The Site

We worked for Dem-Master alongside the client, Northern Gas Networks (NGN), on the gasworks site in the heavy industry area of Tyne and Wear.

This project involved the decommissioning (desludging and dewatering) and demolition of 3 gasholders and the associated gas plant and ancillary buildings. One gasholder, a multi-lift spiral,  was above the ground, and two were below ground. 

A specific challenge to this project was one of the gasholders was a grade 2 listed frame, where two cross members had to be carefully removed to allow the demolition plant access. These had to be stored and re-erected once the project was completed. 

Site overview video:

Our Scope

We were appointed as Demolition Consultants for the project. Our roles included assisting the Principal Contractors with the Construction Phase Plan (CPP) and  Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) for the project. We also gave advice on demolition methods based on our experience from previous gasholder projects we had been involved with.

Throughout the work, we carried out monthly audits. These included a CDM compliance audit initially followed by “critical path” demolition audits and a specific environmental audit to ensure the sludge and wastes were removed in line with the Environmental Agency’s requirements.

What we did
  • Consult on the Construction Phase Plan and issue a report.
  • Consult on the Risk Assessments and Method Statement and issue a report.
  • Carry out the pre-start CDM site audit and issue a report.
  • Carry out the environmental site audit and issue a report.
  • Carry out the demolition process site audits and issue a report.

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