BenRiach Bottling Plant
Location Icon Newbridge
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    Asbestos Consultant and CDM Principal Designer
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    Stephen McCann – Mateusz Szablan
The Site

Working for Brown-Forman (Jack Daniels parent company) on the reroofing project of a live bottling plant in Newbridge, near Edinburgh.

The plant is part of the BenRiach brand and was the only scotch bottling plant owned by Brown-Forman in Scotland at the time.

This project involved the installation of a full internal scaffolding working platform with 1000g polythene timber boarding overlay and 1000g polythene secondary containment to provide a control measure for the stripping of asbestos-containing cement roofing sheets and the recovering of the roof (a steel composite Kingspan style roof) covering over the bottling plant, which was to remain live at all times.

This was thoroughly planned and designed by PERSES to ensure the levels of safety were met, and the bottling plant remains in operation.

PERSES provided a project manager to manage the initial phase of the works, which included the site setup, scaffold erecting, precleaning, initial asbestos removal, and the installation of the underground containment.

Site overview video:

Our Scope

We first met with the development team and walked the site. We then produced a feasibility study for the contract outlining the potential methods of containment, programming, and other control measures for each of the sections of the plant offering a pros and cons of each method. This culminated in advising on the safest, most efficient method for the contract.

Once we were appointed as the Principal Designers for the project, we first assisted with the creation of the Pre-Construction Information (PCI) for the roofing contractor.

It was decided that it would be easier and safer to train the roofing contractor in asbestos removal works than having a significant volume of men working in close proximity and the roofing contractor needed to be trained in decontamination procedures anyway.

PERSES then carried out a thorough training regime of Notifiable Non-Licensed Asbestos Works (NNLW) for the roofing contractor and gave continual advice on the works.

Once the roofing contractor was appointed, and the contractor’s Construction Phase Plan (CPP) was completed, we reviewed the CPP and issued a report for the work’s commencement.

We then wrote the Plan of Works (PoW) for the contract and carried out further training on the proposed plan to ensure the staff had the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to undertake the work before the start date.

We continually monitored the staff via skills gap analysis to ensure the highest standards were met.

Throughout the works, we carried out monthly audits which were planned to coincide with the specific phases of the project which included the initial CDM compliance audit followed by monthly specific demolition process audits.

What we did
  • Carry out a site visit and produce a feasibility study for the contract.
  • Carry out a follow-up study based on the storm damage to the roof.
  • Produce the Pre-Construction Information.
  • Produce the Designer Key Hazards.
  • Review and comment on the Construction Phase Plan and issue a report.
  • Plan the asbestos works and control measures and produce the asbestos Plan of Works.
  • Carry out training for the roofing contractor in asbestos procedures.
  • Carry out the pre-start site audit and issue a report.
  • Supply a Project Manager for the first phase of the work.
  • Act as asbestos consultant for the project.
  • Carry out monthly site audits and issue a report on the progress.
  • Carry out the completion site audit and issue a report.
  • Ensure the completion of the Health & Safety File.

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