CCDO Visitor

This Course Includes
  • Fully Qualified Instructor
  • NDTG Certified Course
This Course Includes
  • Fully Qualified Instructor
  • NDTG Certified Course

Course Description

Safety is paramount on all demolition and construction sites. It's the responsibility of the site supervisor to ensure that all workers and visitors are adhering to the correct PPE regulations and safety procedures whilst visiting a site for work-related functions.

The Site Visitor CCDO card is designed for individuals who have a job-related reason to be on site, but do not work in the demolition sector.

The individual may not have the knowledge that a demolition worker will have about site safety, putting them more at risk of being involved in an accident. As well as improving the safety of site visitors, the Site Visitor CCDO card can improve efficiency when it comes to site inductions.

For demolition sites that insist on all their occupants being CCDO carded, the Site Visitor card can reduce delays in gaining access to the site and ensure the safety of workers from all backgrounds who have work to perform on demolition sites.


  • Legislation & the role of the HSE
  • Site rules and how to control hazards
  • Working at height
  • Demolition Plant and Equipment
  • Fire and emergencies
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Demolition processes
  • Occupational health issues associated with Demolition
  • Waste and the environment

By the end this course you will understand:

  • Health & Safety Hazards & Risks on a Demolition Site
  • How to look after yourself and others on site
  • What to do in an emergency situation
  • Protecting the environment from damage



  • Legislation & the role of the HSE
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Site Inductions
  • Site Rules
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Fire, First Aid and Emergencies
  • Working Near Plant and Equipment
  • Working at Height
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Site Environmental Issues



Q: Do I need anything prior to attending this course?
A: Yes. You need to hold a current Demolition Operative or above or a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Touchscreen Test Pass.

Q: Do I get a certificate or card for completing this course?
A: Yes, the CCDO Demolition Site Visitor card valid for 5 years and this card is renewable.

Q: Is this a certified course?
A: Yes. PERSES are certified to deliver on behalf of the National Demolition Training Group (NDTG).

Course Accreditation

Course Accreditation
Key Details
  • Duration
    1 day
    Classroom and Zoom
    The NDTG
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