CCDO 'Grandfather Rights'

In November 2019, the NDTG received an important statement from NOCN Job Cards regarding the Industry Accreditation ‘Grandfather Rights’ withdrawal.

This applies to any coloured card (5-year card) that has been awarded without an NVQ and solely based on Industry Accreditation, cards such as the CCDO Manager Card are included; any cards issued through Grandfather Rights will be completely removed by 31 December 2024.

However, this does not affect any red cards, such as the CCDO Labourer card, as they do not require an NVQ.

Any coloured card, except the CCDO Labourer card, HAS to have the NVQ.

No NVQ, NO 5-year renewal!

Source: National Demolition Training Group

Comment: "With only 7 months to go, for those on grandfather rights cards, please don't leave it too late to complete your NVQ."

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